A long time ago, we wrote the year 1997, a neighbour at a camping place had some windtools in front of his caravan. We have been excited about all those colours and those turning turbines, bols and rotors.

This experience turned our life forever.

We bought fabric and started with sewing our own turbines, baskets and almost everything we found. Of course we had also a two-line-kite witch I flew with my sons at our holydays and at kitefestivals. Later we made our “big” stickkites with 2 – 3 meters.

Now, a couple years later, our self-made kites are inflatable and have a size up to 24 meters and my sons are cruising with their kitebuggys with high-speed along the beach.

The following sites of our Homepage will give you a little insight in the fantastic world of the kitefestivals, of kites and windtools.

I wish you a lot of fun while your are exploring our site.


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translated by Manuel